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Welcome Marsden Marketing

Stellar Studios would like to welcome, Atlanta, GA based, Marsden Marketing to the team!

Our first interaction with Marsden was with a site they had designed but had another company develop. This development company didn’t use best practices during development, and unfortunately the site, along with the client, paid the price. The site was hacked numerous times, had hundreds of pages injected, and the top ranking key phrase was “dating”, which this site had nothing to do with.

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Bill MayWelcome Marsden Marketing


Ever since I have started working with computers, files seem to disappear for no apparent reason. I swore to myself that I know I saved it in this exact place but now it’s nowhere to be found! In reality, I probably thought I saved it there and actually didn’t. Maybe saved it elsewhere or didn’t even save it all, but for sanity’s sake, I blame termytes! Little critters in my computer that feast on my files.

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Bill MayTermytes!

Welcome UniPro Foodservice

Stellar Studios would like to welcome, Atlanta, GA based company, UniPro Foodservice to the team!

UniPro Foodservice has chosen to team up with Stellar Studios to help them create new web based software applications and bring some of their dated offerings to the modern day of mobile browsing.

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Bill MayWelcome UniPro Foodservice
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