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Harrisburg Business Network Joins Stellar


A group in Harrisburg, NC called the Harrisburg Business Network has chosen Stellar to create a new mobile app for their city!

The Harrisburg Business Network needed an app which would allow users to shop for products services in their town. This app will allow the Group to market tiers to their clients, where they can sell memberships with added features, like: preferred listings, links, menu downloads, and more information about their business. All businesses will be listed, while members will get the added features and preferred listings.

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Bill MayHarrisburg Business Network Joins Stellar

Welcome EUCLIDiq

euclidiq-logoStellar Studios would like to welcome EUCLIDiq to the team!

EUCLIDiq has developed a new H.264 compression algorithm for better picture quality at a smaller file size by intelligently locating what would be the user’s visual focus of the video and compressing everything else. For example: If you have a video a person kayaking down a river, the person’s face, body and kayak would show less compression, while the background trees, water, rocks, etc, would be more compressed. This intelligent compression keeps your viewers engaged with great picture quality on the focus, while saving precious bandwidth on the less important areas of the video.

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Bill MayWelcome EUCLIDiq

Ludicrous Speed!

The Speed of PlaidThose of you that have been with us for a while may have noticed our recent face-lift. Today, in addition to that, we’ve decided to push our site to the next level by moving it onto its own upgraded server and the sheer speed of this upgrade is phenomenal.  On our traditional hosting, it was roughly 3 seconds for everything to load on a page, but now, even on the busiest of pages, you get to a fully loaded and styled page in under 0.25 seconds.  That’s like going from a minivan to the Stellar car.

As always, this service is available to you, our customers, so feel free to ask about it next time you chat with us.  Not a customer yet? You should give us a yell and see how we can give you a website with enough speed to turn more than a couple heads.

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Barry HyltonLudicrous Speed!
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