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Ludicrous Speed!

The Speed of PlaidThose of you that have been with us for a while may have noticed our recent face-lift. Today, in addition to that, we’ve decided to push our site to the next level by moving it onto its own upgraded server and the sheer speed of this upgrade is phenomenal.  On our traditional hosting, it was roughly 3 seconds for everything to load on a page, but now, even on the busiest of pages, you get to a fully loaded and styled page in under 0.25 seconds.  That’s like going from a minivan to the Stellar car.

As always, this service is available to you, our customers, so feel free to ask about it next time you chat with us.  Not a customer yet? You should give us a yell and see how we can give you a website with enough speed to turn more than a couple heads.

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Barry HyltonLudicrous Speed!

Stellar Studios and NanoEndo bring home the Gold

Stellar Studios and NanoEndo bring home the Gold in the 2015 International Communicator Awards! NanoEndo is a dream client, they want to create great things, just as we do! The award was won for the website design and development of Read more about the award, participants and more

2015 Gold Communicator Award
Bill May2015 Gold Communicator Award

Oh, That Gender Thing (Women in Technology)

woman codingI feel like it’s so obvious for me to write about, and so overblogged, at this point, but it really is important to me.  Women in STEM.  Women in technology and web development.  It’s a thing.

I don’t often let gender influence my choices, except the obvious ones.

You know, like Bic “For Her” Pens.  (Full disclosure – I really did buy a similar, retractable Bic For Her pen, before I ever saw the hilarious reviews, when I was working at Office Max.  What can I say? I’m a sucker for writing instruments, I like purple, and they ARE pretty.)  I had awesome parents and teachers that have never, ever, even suggested or implied that any of my interests weren’t “for girls.”  

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Christy LeachOh, That Gender Thing (Women in Technology)
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