Four 4k TV Video Wall

When we were asked to make four 4k TVs work together as a video wall, we thought, “Are you nuts?”

Lamtech was looking to enhance their trade show booth with some displays and wanted a wow factor where each would come together as one. We did a little research and couldn’t find any computer or video cards that would drive four 4k displays smoothly and reliably (at lease within their budget). We did more research and found these little blue boxes called BrightSigns which supposedly did everything we were looking to do with this video wall. We ordered 4 of the 4K242 boxes, created the network, wired them together, created the content and gave it a shot. The first pass looked great except for a few hiccups. The video would stall at the same place every time. After figuring out that we had encoded the video a little wrong, we corrected it, and it played flawlessly. These little boxes actually working was a huge relief for us as we were sceptical and only a week away from the deadline.

After getting the video issues all straightened out, they hit us with one more thing. They wanted the ability to restart the video at any given time, in the event of a big new potential client walking up in mid-video. We created a trigger and mobile app which talked to these little boxes and gave them the exact functionality.

We hit a deadline, budget and exceeded expectations. Now that’s a success!

If interested, here are the content videos, using 3d animation, we created in 4k for this video wall.


  • 3d Animation
  • Design
  • Video Wall