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We developed this website with lots of interesting strategies. We didn’t want users to need to wait until the entire site is loaded prior to being able to view, we didn’t want a loading progress bar, and we wanted it to be fun and interactive to represent the Pal’s Brand.

We accomplished this with some very good code, the code recognizes what page you are on and stops any prior loading to load the view you are seeing. After that loads, it starts to load left and right of where you are. If you click to another page, again, that loading stops and loads the page you have selected, then begins the process over again until the site is fully loaded. This kept us from having all the headaches of large graphics, basically a single page without long load times.

There are three different ways to navigate this site:
1. Click the navigational items in the main menu
2. Use the little left and right arrows at the ends of each page
3. And for some real fun, use the left and right arrows to navigate.

We would like to give a big shoutout to the folks over at Creative Energy for letting us develop this site with them.

Seen enough? Let’s be Stellar, together.


  • CSS animations
  • HTML5 implementation
  • JavaScript Animations
  • Mobile Website
  • Web design

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