Print advertising still viable, if supplemented with digital interactivity

When Nissan wanted to introduce the new Nissan Altima, they decided to sink a large portion of their advertising budget into print advertising and supplement it with digital interactivity. The ads featured augmented reality which would allow viewers to use their mobile devices to supplement the ad and get more information. The augmented reality app was available for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets.

Here are some statistics from a case study performed in Newspapers Canada:
Over 8 million readers viewed the campaign in one day.
6,500 page views
42% click-through rate
Test drives for the Nissan Altima were up by 65%

We would call that a successful campaign!

“More and more we see brands and publishers using this technology to infuse their print products with the power of the Internet,” said Layar CEO Quintin Schevernels, who says Nissan’s campaign is a testament to the  effectiveness of interactive print. “By engaging readers through their smartphones, Nissan’s print advertisements produced substantial results for their business.”

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Bill MayPrint advertising still viable, if supplemented with digital interactivity