Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.

-Thomas Edison

Kyle Henn Art Director

At first meeting, one might get the impression that I’m quiet, normal, and a tad awkward.

At first meeting, one might get the impression that I’m quiet, normal, and a tad awkward. However, upon digging deeper, you might also pick up that I’m creative, well-rounded, and adventurous. I am definitely the quiet, creative type of person. I’ve always loved art – especially drawing and painting. I’ve always felt secure and happy when drawing and making art. As a kid, I liked to write my name over and over and compare which version worked the best (future designer right there). As I grew, I liked to draw cars, mountains, and anything to do with nature. I’ve also found that I enjoy singing, hiking, camping, traveling, drinking craft beer, contra dancing, running, and butter rum lifesavers.

Nerdiness doesn’t ooze from me – but it comes out from time to time. I never thought I would like being a designer – I’m not nerdy, I don’t dream about the latest gadgets, and I’m not entirely confident with computers. Throughout high school I played trombone in marching band, was on journalism staff, began singing solos in front of people (definitely got me out of my comfort zone) and I tried my best to run faster than at least one person in cross country. I was also involved with Scouting and earned the rank of Eagle Scout during this time. I grew up in a family that loved being outdoors – hiking, camping, kayaking – all that good stuff. There was so much going on, I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life when I got to college.

I went to school at University of Tennessee and wanted to try out photography (another thing I liked). That was a good start, until I decided to go into Architecture. I had always liked drawing buildings and exploring their spaces, so I gave it a try. It was here, that I found my love for design. I made it through 2 years of architecture, of which then I discovered that I really wasn’t that good at math (never was). I decided that I really liked the design side of architecture, but I didn’t want my buildings to fall down on people (numbers are difficult). So I discovered Graphic Design!

I wound up at ETSU to finish up my BFA, and found that graphic design was my calling. *Yay!* I’ve found that art (and design) moves me. As a designer, I love that I have the power and knowledge to change something, and recreate an idea that is focused, structured and cohesive. Most of my design work stems from my experience in architecture school, which I think has helped me in the long run. I enjoy the challenges of design – working to put things together like a big puzzle, in a smart and fun way. I like that I get to make art every single day.

After graduation, I worked for a few ad agencies and print shops in the area (all as a graphic designer). I became very knowledgeable in print design – magazines, business stationery, ads, posters, etc. I dabbled in web design, but it (like math) confused me, so I never felt very comfortable with it. However, I just felt like I needed the right company to believe in me and show me the ropes. So, when I learned of a job at Stellar Studios, I jumped at the opportunity. I never thought I’d work for a web design company.. but, I feel like being a part of the Stellar team has (so far) helped me be a better designer, and has challenged me to learn more about web design. I’m excited that I may one day be able to code a whole website and understand what goes into it.

Never give up, Never surrender!