Ever since I have started working with computers, files seem to disappear for no apparent reason. I swore to myself that I know I saved it in this exact place but now it’s nowhere to be found! In reality, I probably thought I saved it there and actually didn’t. Maybe saved it elsewhere or didn’t even save it all, but for sanity’s sake, I blame termytes! Little critters in my computer that feast on my files.

Think I am crazy? Ever had a file which you worked so long and hard on, for many days, only to come in one day to finish the project and upon opening, getting the message: “This file is corrupted and cannot be repaired.” Proof! There it is! They were munching on my file and just didn’t eat fast enough!

Now, I don’t really think there are termytes in my computer, but it does help my sanity to have something to blame it on! 🙂

BTW, I know it’s really spelled termites, but bytes! Ya know, the unit of digital information which commonly consists of eight bits?!?! Termytes! 😛

Bill MayTermytes!